Mini Article Update

Just got back to Wisco... haven't gotten a chance yet to make the big update... thought this one was funny though...

Outsports NFL 2008 All-Hot team
Our annual pick of the hottest players in the NFL, and this year even a fan.
Defensive back
Sabby Piscitelli (Tampa Bay), Matt Giordano (Indianapolis), Jim Leonhard (Baltimore), Asante Samuel (Philadelphia).

Defensive back is easily the hottest position in the league. Piscitelli is a total stud; someone who knew him at Oregon State told us: “He walked around the weight room with no shirt on and looked at himself constantly in the mirrors. And he loved to wear skin tight Under Armour. He has massive biceps and shoulders.”

Pictures don't do Giordano justice and he is our overall MVP. A killer face, muscled body and great sense of style (we saw him live at the Colts playoff game). He is a repeat member of our team. A newcomer is Leonhard, who CBS loved to show without his helmet on the sidelines; his model looks must have been the reason.

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