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Punt teams play key role in Ravens-Titans playoff game
By Bill Ordine |
January 10, 2009
Since the last time the Titans and Ravens played in October, when Tennessee won, 13-10, the Ravens have made Jim Leonhard their full-time punt returner, and Hentrich has noticed. Leonhard had an average of 11.6 yards in the regular season, sixth best in the NFL.
"He catches the ball well, he picks his hole and he hits it hard," Hentrich said of Leonhard.

Reed creates memorable moments on the field
Past 7 games have been punctuated with interceptions, touchdown runs
By Childs Walker |
January 10, 2009
"At this point in my career, there's not a lot I haven't seen," Leonhard says. "But almost every game with Ed, I find myself saying, 'I've never seen that. I couldn't do that.'"
"If he doesn't watch more, he picks it up a lot faster," Leonhard says. "He'll watch it until it makes sense and he can say, 'In this situation, this is what they'll do.'
"I'm pretty good at watching film, I think. But then when I talk to him, I'll go, 'You know what, I missed that.'"

NFL Preview - Baltimore (12-5) At Tennessee (13-3)
POSTED: 3:53 pm CST January 7, 2009
By Tony Moss, NFL Editor
Safeties Reed (41 tackles, 9 INT, 1 sack during the regular season) and Jim Leonhard (69 tackles, 1 sack, 1 INT) figure to play a key role against the tight ends this time around, and given his recent exploits, Collins will have to be aware of Reed's location on the field at all times.

FOX: Steelers Will Squeak By, Cards Will Fall
January 10th, 2009 By BOB FOX
I also want to send a shout out to S Jim Leonhard of the Ravens, who also has been making some key plays for the Ravens defense and also is a fine punt returner.

{Thanks for the shout out Bob!}

Posted by Josh Alper on January 10, 2009, 10:37 a.m. EST
Said Ravens S Jim Leonhard of S Ed Reed, “At this point in my career, there’s not a lot I haven’t seen. But almost every game with Ed, I find myself saying, ‘I’ve never seen that. I couldn’t do that.’”

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