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- Jim Leonhard has been fantastic. The guy provides an incredible spark for this team, both on defense and special teams. He is always around the ball when he lines up at his strong safety position, and his punt returns have set the Baltimore offense up great great field position time and time again. Gameday superstitions & rituals with Jim Leonhard

Ravens | Leonhard to return punts Week 8
Jamison Hensley, of The Baltimore Sun, reports Baltimore Ravens FS Jim Leonhard will return punts in the team's Week 8 game.
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The Terrell Suggs Show: Week 6 Edition
When asked if Leonhard's appearance is deceptive: "Definitely. If I'd seen him out somewhere in public, at a mall, I definitely wouldn't think that guy plays football. [Laughter.] But when he puts them pads on, he sure enough is a football player."

Week 5 vs. Tennessee

Week 4 @ Pittsburgh

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