Bengals try to Rex Jets' bid

Posted Dec 30, 2009

Teaming with Revis is Ryan’s former safety in Baltimore, Jim Leonhard, a guy that can give Revis plenty of knowledge.

“Revis is just a really good player, flat-out," Palmer said. "Reads formations and plays, he can run, he can play the ball, he can press, he’s good in and out of his breaks. Leonhard has played against us a ton, so he understands what he’s seeing. He’ll try to jump things and recognize formations. Just a smart, heady player that makes a lot of plays. He’s not Ed Reed -- there’s only one of those in the league -- but he’s a very good player.”

Jim Leonhard and Kris Jenkins Autograph Signing Saturday, Jan 2nd

Join Jim and Kris Jenkins at the Pro Image in the Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold, NJ on Saturday, January 2nd from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. They will be signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans. Come on by and wish Jim luck before the Cincinnati game on Sunday!

Jets Extra Point Interview

Turner Drama...

Leonhard: I didn't go for Turner's ankle

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Jim Leonhard wore an incredulous look on his boyish face, wondering what Michael Turner was talking about.

Turner, the Falcons' Pro Bowl running back, reinjured his right ankle on the first carry of Sunday's game when Leonhard tackled him after a 7-yard gain up the middle. Turner was forced to watch the rest of the game from the sideline.

After the game, he hinted he thought the Jets and Leonhard were specifically targeting his injury, an assertion the 5-8, 186-pound safety laughed off as absurd. "The only time you can have an opportunity to think about something like that is if he's held up in a pile or you are laying on the ground twisting his ankle or something," Leonhard said. "That's the only time that you even think about, 'Oh, he's got a bad ankle.'

". . . Very first play of the game and he comes running clean through a hole. I didn't know which ankle was bad. It's not like I'm trying to go for an ankle. I'm trying to get the man to the ground.

"He's an All-Pro running back. I'm not worried about trying to hit him on a bad ankle or anything. It's just one of those things that happened. There was no intent to hurt Michael Turner."

Rex Ryan came to Leonhard's defense.

"It's a ridiculous statement," he said. "Michael Turner is 250 pounds. Jim Leonhard is about a buck-90. The only thing they have in common is their ankles are the same size. You've got to tackle what you can tackle. If he's up top, we're talking about why the guy ran him over. He's a running back. He's going to get hit."

A Win at Indianapolis...

How else can you explain the unfathomable litany of events that have unfolded to leave the Jets with this unthinkably delicious scenario: Win and they're in."We feel like it's got to be meant to be with all the breaks we've caught the last few weeks," Jets safety Jim Leonhard said.
from ap photo

Jets' Leonhard: We smelled blood when Colts pulled Peyton

By MARK CANNIZZARO Last Updated: 3:12 PM, December 28, 2009 Posted: 1:35 AM, December 28, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS -- Safety Jim Leonhard said once the Colts replaced Peyton Manning with rookie backup Curtis Painter in the third quarter of yesterday's 29-15 win over the Colts, he saw a different look in the eyes of the defensive front seven.

"Those guys smelled blood," Leonhard said.

LB Calvin Pace drew blood, sacking Painter and forcing a fumble that was recovered in the end zone for a TD by DE Marques Douglas for an 18-15 Jets' lead.

"I got a step on my guy and the quarterback is in sight and all I'm thinking is, get there quick, before his arm comes forward," Pace said.

"It was a straight coverage and straight rush and [Pace] beat the tight end clean," Leonhard said. "It was a great play on his part. It's what he does."

Pace leads the Jets now with seven sacks. For Douglas, it was his first career TD.


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Practice Gives Leonhard Hope for Sunday

Practice Gives Leonhard Hope for Sunday

Safety Jim Leonhard may look average at 5'8" and 186 pounds, but he's no run-of-the-mill guy. An average guy probably wouldn't participate in activities that involve the use of his hand after a thumb injury like he suffered against Jacksonville last Sunday.

But just one series after the play that Leonhard hurt his thumb on, No. 36 was back out on the field.  More...

Jets' Leonhard has thumb surgery

Jets' Leonhard has thumb surgery
Photo credit: Freelance/Joe Rogate | NY Jets' Jim Leonhard gains extra yards on a punt return as Titans punter Reggie Hodges tries to stop him. ...
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vs. Jacksonville

photos from

vs. Jacksonville

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vs Jacksonville pictures

They got a great group of photos of Jim's sack:

Here's the tackle just as Jim is about to break his thumb:

Article Update: vs. Jacksonville

November 15, 2009, 12:34 pm
Live Analysis: Jaguars 24, Jets 22

Ryan, in his first year as a head coach, came to the Jets from Baltimore, where he built a reputation as a top defensive coordinator. Coming into the game, his defense had not allowed a player to rush for 100 yards in a game. The Jets’ defense seemed inspired again on the second Jacksonville possession of the half, which ended with a nine-yard sack of Garrard by Jim Leonhard. This forced another Jaguars’ punt and the Jets took over at the 45-yard line of Jacksonville.

New York Jets lose to Jacksonville Jaguars as playoff hopes take huge hit
BY Rich Cimini

Why not simply run the play that was called in the hurry-up? Nobody offered a reasonable explanation. Then came the defensive breakdown. Before Marcedes Lewis' 33-yard reception, which put the Jaguars on the Jets' 14, Jim Leonhard was screaming at Rhodes, trying to change the coverage. Too late; Rhodes, expecting help that never came, was burned.

"It's on me," said Leonhard, claiming he should have used the Jets' final timeout.

Jones-Drew, Garrard narrate game-winning drive as Jets' nosedive continues
Associated Press

"For the defense we think we are, we needed to make that last stop and get the win," safety Jim Leonhard said.

Jaguars 24, Jets 22
Losing a Chess Match, and a Game
Published: November 15, 2009

No pass was more important than his 33-yard completion to tight end Marcedes Lewis. It moved the ball to the Jets’ 14 with two minutes left to set up the decisive plays. Lewis was tackled by safety Kerry Rhodes.

Ryan was asked whether single coverage was intended. “I’ll just say this,” Ryan said in one of his least expansive answers, “he ended up in single coverage.”

Jim Leonhard, the other safety, offered more details. “I was trying to get the coverage switched,” Leonhard said. “It was loud. We struggled to communicate. But it was on me. I’ll take a lot of the blame. That really hurt us.”

The Jets did not play last weekend, and Ryan made the unusual decision to give his players six days off. He said last week that his decision would be judged by Sunday’s result.

Afterward, he acknowledged his vulnerability on that question. He also said, “We’ve got to learn to finish” and “we have no excuses” and “we’re not dead yet.”
...this is just before Jim broke his thumb!...

Field goal with no time remaining beats Jets, 24-22
November 15, 2009 By RODERICK BOONE

The Jaguars quickly marched 80 yards, with the critical play coming on first-and-10 from the Jets' 47. David Garrard connected with tight end Marcedes Lewis for a 33-yard hookup over Kerry Rhodes to the 14 just before the two-minute warning. The Jets got caught in the wrong alignment and safety Jim Leonhard took the blame, saying he should've burned a timeout.

"We initially had the coverage locked in, and it was too late to try to get it changed and you saw what happened," he said. "It was just a mistake."

Notebook: Misuse of timeouts hurts NY Jets again in 24-22 loss to Jacksonville
By Dave Hutchinson/The Star Ledger
November 15, 2009, 10:21PM

S Jim Leonhard injured his right thumb when he missed a tackle on Jones-Drew’s 33-yard touchdown early in the first quarter. After getting it wrapped, he returned. The extent of the injury is unknown.

‘‘They took some X-rays,’’ Leonhard said. ‘‘We’ll find out more (Monday). It doesn’t feel good. I’ll tell you that much."

Defenders Search for Clues After Defeat
Published: 11-16-09
By Kyle Richardson

Safety Jim Leonhard made seven tackles and a blitz sack of Garrard in the third quarter to stall a drive and keep the Jets within 21-13. But the QB of the defense took the blame for allowing the big play on the final drive – a 33-yard pass from Garrard to TE Marcedes Lewis to get the Jags to the Jets 14.

“I was trying to get the coverage switched,” said Leonhard. “In hindsight it would have been best to burn a timeout. It was loud. We struggled to communicate, but it was on me.”

They're the little big men of the NFL


When Rex Ryan left his job as Baltimore's defensive coordinator to become coach of the New York Jets, he brought with him safety Jim Leonhard, who at 5-8 and 186 pounds plays much bigger than he actually is.

Then again, that's mandatory for a smaller player harboring any hopes of making it to football's highest level.

Wise Crunch Crew Photo Shoot

Here's the JetsTV interview about the Wise Crunch Crew photo shoot:

JetsTV: Wise Crunch Crew

And here's a sneak peak pic of the photo shoot...

Vote for Jim Leonhard for the 2010 Pro-Bowl