Week 17 @ Philadelphia

Another interesting trip! I headed down to Philadelphia Saturday afternoon with Shelby and Karen. We got in with no problems, met up with Shelby's parents, Margot and Karen's fiance and friend. After a tour of the city by Andy, Shelby's dad, we headed to the City Tavern in Old Town near Independence Hall. An authentic for the time period restaurant, we had a wonderful dinner! Sunday we headed to the game. We were lucky to have covered seats so we stayed dry until waiting for the guys after the game. Shelby, Karen and I started driving back to Buffalo in the rain and within a half hour it turned to snow. We talked to people already back in Buffalo and they said the weather was fine, no snow. We figured we would be out of the snow in no time... Nope, we drove in it the whole way. We made it back, but it was scary!

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Laura said...

hey katie - how's the new house? hope you and jim are enjoying your off season. now that there's no more football news you may have to acutally post some photos of your new place...and the two of you! at least put a photo of ruby on so the kids can see her!