Burress Vent

This has been an ongoing issue for me. The Burress incident is just another example. I am truly bothered by the media, not just sports media, but they seem to be particularly bad. There is a stereotype against athletes, NFL athletes included. I get it, I'm not trying to say it doesn't exist. We live in a world of stereotypes. We do not need to live by them though. I was watching Sunday NFL Countdown this morning and as they discussed the incident they began chatting about the percentage of NFL players who carry "heat". I no longer have tivo so I can not play it back to make the quote exact, but the comment that followed came down to something like this... that if you walk up to a NFL player there is a good chance they're carrying. Well, they can hold their opinion, and hell, they may even be correct, I don't know every NFL player. But the conversation continued to imply that NFL players, in a world where the economy is suffering and times are hard, don't appreciate their jobs; they take it for granted. This bothers me not because the statement is right or wrong. It bothers me because of course the country is going to think this... of course they are. How could people think any different when this is what gets covered in the media. This is what holds front and center in the media. Not the players who spend their day off volunteering. Not the players who are active in the community. Not the players who support good causes. Not the players who take care of their families. Not the players who take a knee during a game when a player on the opposing team is hurt. Not the player who prays in the center of the field at the end of the game, win or lose. Not the player who shakes the hand of a friend on the opposing team after a game. Not those players.

Why can't this country hear the good stories in the media. Because we don't want to hear it? I DO!

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