Rex Ruan transcript, Aug. 1

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August 1, 2009
Here's what Rex Ryan had to say to the media at training camp today, courtesy of the New York Jets:

On Jim Leonhard and the progress of the other safeties...

He disguises coverages about as well as almost anyone outside of Ed Reed in this League. We were playing a Cover-2 over there (and Leonhard was) all the way behind the numbers, so there's no way he's going to get to the middle of the field. Sure enough, by the time (Clemens) sees his route get open, there's Leonhard. He's that kind of guy. Eric Smith continues to impress me. He just makes plays. Same thing with (James) Ihedigbo. Those guys show up. If we would have had a tackling drill, I think (David Clowney) would have ended up by the bus (laughing). He was coming full speed. The thing I'm really excited about is that we have a lot of tough guys and we have a lot of guys that love to play. You can see that. They're happy to be out there. The linemen obviously aren't (laughs), but the other guys love it. It's really a great group and I'm excited about it.

On what Jim Leonhard looks like without pads...

An accountant or something like that probably (laughs). He's funny. The great thing is we evaluated him when he was coming out of Wisconsin. I evaluated him the way he looked in pads. If he would have shown up (without pads), then he doesn't pass the looks test. I mean he's a good-looking kid, don't get me wrong, but it's like, "wow-wee." I told both him and Woodhead that my kid is playing for Summit High School, that if there is a conflict, they need to play for us and not Summit, they were having to do both I think (laughs). They look like they can be in high school, but those are men right there.

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