Wisconsin High School Football Awards

Jim was honored to have the Wisconsin High School Football Defensive Back Award named after him.

Jim is number 16 in this pic... for friends who may be interested, number 65 is Cory!

This award along with individual awards for Quarterback, Running Back, Receiver/Tight End, Offensive Line, Defensive Line/Linebacker, and Kicker/Punter honors senior student-athletes from the state of Wisconsin for outstanding play at their position.

A pre-season watch list is trimmed to a list of semifinalists to a list of finalists which the winner will be selected from. You can keep up with the athletes as the lists are trimmed at the Wisconsin Sports Network.

We chose to promote Teammates for Kids through the award, a charity that we have donated to for the last two years. Garth Brooks started an amazing foundation that triples athletes donations and 100% of the money goes to kids, emphasizing their health, education and inner-city services. They also have a really cool website!

Thanks to the Wisconsin Sports Network for thinking of Jim in helping celebrate high school athletes!

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