Jets Safety Leonhard mentors

Tony, Wis. native Jim Leonhard's dedication to the sport of football is widely renowned in his home state. For five days, Leonhard's focus on the gridiron isn't on improving his own game, but that of younger athletes, as he hosts his third annual football skills camp in his hometown from June 23rd until June 26th.

Thursday, more than 100 high school athletes turned out to receive coaching and instruction from Leonhard and coaches at the camp. Instead of just holding a clipboard and whistle, Leonhard is an active participant, an approach he believes helps drive home the skills he's trying to pass along.

"It's really important to run a camp to be involved," Leonhard said. "I've seen it run a lot of different ways. I believe to get in there, get your hands dirty, really help to make kids better. It means a lot for them to come around, be active in the camp."

Leonhard also knows the staff that helping him out at the camp has plenty of good pointers to give out as well.

"All the coaches I've brought in the past and this year have done a great job," Leonhard said. "Great teachers for the players and other coaches as well, a lot of information they can carry on to their football seasons, so hopefully they have more success."

Leonhard's footballl camp runs through Saturday, June 26th.

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