Funny article

He made the cut in an Esquire article...
The Seven Commandments of Watching Football in a Sports Bar
Buzz up!
A guide to watching football in public. Plus: how to win your fantasy playoffs, and why this will be the worst Super Bowl party season in eight years.
By Peter Schrager
When Ravens defender Jim Leonhard returned an interception for a meaningless touchdown in the Baltimore-Cincinnati game, the whole bar knew. After all, this guy had the Ravens defense starting in his "keeper league."


Dianne said...

Last time we watched at a Sports Bar, I guess I was a little loud-- because several people stopped by to see "where I had lived in Maryland", as they had just moved down to Atlanta themselves. I told them I was more of a Leonhard fan than a Baltimore fan-- one of the guys said "Oh, the new guy-- where did he come from? Seemed to drop out of the sky from nowhere-- and I am sure glad he did!"

Jim and Katie said...

So funny! Good to hear there are more fans in Atlanta!! Miss you!