Jim Leonhard Looks pretty good...
Maybe we should have kept him. It's not like any of our safeties are setting the world on fire right now.

Mike Preston's report card
Baltimore Sun columnist grades the Ravens on their 24-10 win over the Redskins
December 8, 2008
Defensive backs: A
Safety Ed Reed returned one fumble for a touchdown and picked off two passes. The Redskins tried to pick on cornerback Fabian Washington, but he helped shut down the Redskins' speedy receivers. Safety Jim Leonhard is always around the ball.

Postgame Report Card: Ravens 24, Redskins 10
Figurs returned a punt and a kick, but Jim Leonhard was also put in as both a punt returner and a kick returner, and came up with one very nice 25-yard kick return.

L. McClain stars as a sub
Coming off bench as only healthy tailback, he carries 10 times on pivotal drive
By Edward Lee
December 8, 2008
Leonhard each took a turn fielding punt returns during the first half. Leonhard called for a fair catch on one punt, returned one for 4yards, and returned another for a modest gain in the second quarter, but it was negated by an illegal block in the back by Wilcox.
Cornerback Samari Rolle, wide receiver Mark Clayton and Leonhard represented the Ravens during the coin toss.

Ravens Report
December 8, 2008
PRESSURE PACKAGE: The Ravens came after Campbell early, with lasting effect. Defensive end-linebacker Terrell Suggs caused Campbell's fluttering pass on Reed's interception, and safety Jim Leonhard blitzed twice in the first quarter from the right side. On his second blitz, he arrived a split second after linebacker Ray Lewis tackled Campbell for a 13-yard sack.

Breaking down the punt return situation
By Dan Kolko on December 7, 2008 9:33 PM
Leonhard has proven he is more than capable returning punts, and he had a nice seven-yard return earlier, though it was brought back by a block in the back penalty.
Go with one guy. I think that one guy should be Jimmy.

Beating the Redskins in Baltimore…is anything better?
Posted 5 hours, 53 minutes ago
by Nestor Aparicio
You gotta love the Ravens’ two midgets in the secondary, Corey Ivy and Jim Leonhard are truly unsung heroes on this 2008 team. They both made some big plays and vicious tackles against the Redskins, but if you ever meet them you’ll be shocked at how small they are. They’re truly “normal” sized guys and in my 13 years of going through the Ravens locker room there haven’t many like them. Maybe Jermaine Lewis and B.J. Sams would be in the club but not many more. Just amazing the heart these guys show being on the field with the giants. It’s inspirational, really, because you know they’ve been told all of their lives that they were too small to play in the NFL.

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