Looking Ahead to 2010 Foes

2010 Home Opponents 2010 Away Opponents
Buffalo (6-10) Buffalo (6-10)
Miami (7-9) Miami (7-9)
New England (10-6) New England (10-6)
Baltimore (9-7) Cleveland (5-11)
Cincinnati (10-6) Pittsburgh (9-7)
Green Bay (11-5) Chicago (7-9)
Minnesota (12-4) Detroit (2-14)
Houston (9-7) Denver (8-8)

1 comment:

joelschlewitz said...

Really looking forward to the Bears game, I wanna come out to New York for the Packers/Vikings against Jets but no way I can afford that....so I figured Chicago would be closer to Eau Claire than New York...So I can't wait to come cheer on My Jets and My hero Jimmy!