Super calendar! Rex Ryan maps out New York Jets' next month, from San Diego to Canyon of Heroes

BY Rich Cimini
Monday, January 11th 2010, 4:00 AM

"When our quarterback plays well," safety Jim Leonhard, "we feel like we have a great chance to beat anybody."

Ryan mapped out the postseason plan after the season-ending win over the Bengals. In Mangini World, it was always one week at a time. Maybe that's why, when they made the playoffs in 2006, it "was miserable," according to one player. "I know this sounds crazy, but some guys just wanted it to be over."

Ryan dares to dream big.

"Sometimes when you get in the playoffs, you think, ‘Okay, we're in the playoffs, but is it really reality to think we can win a Super Bowl?'" Ryan said. "When you lay it out in front of them, I think they can visualize it and realize, ‘Hey, man, we just take care of our business ... we can get this done.'"

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